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What if I reject an order because the restaurant wait time is too long?

In the past, when the current time is 15 minutes past the “Food ready estimate” while delivering an order, you can choose to contact live support to unassign the order without having your acceptance rate impacted. To improve your experience, starting from today, you may choose to unassign these long restaurant wait orders directly in the rider app without the need to contact care while maintaining your acceptance rate.

Simply follow the steps below to unassign the order:

  1. Press the top right corner “?” button in the order page
  2. Tap “Long wait at restaurant”
  3. Make sure the current time has already passed the Food ready estimate at least 15 minutes
  4. Click “Reject Order” 
  5. Press “Reject” in the pop-up window

* Please note that the pop-up window will show as “Your acceptance rate will drop to x%”, however as long as you ensure step number 3 above is accurate, rest assured your acceptance will not be impacted.

Want to learn more? Go to this page for more information.

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