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What if the customer’s location changes while I deliver an order, or the map shows a wrong pin?

If this happens, please contact our Live Rider Support team at once, or contact us via the Rider website after you’ve completed the delivery. 

Same district (eg. HKCE <> HKSW) 

If the new location belongs to the same district as the one you were first assigned to, you would still receive the stated fee (as shown on the order acceptance screen) if you decide to deliver the food to the new address. If you decide not to deliver the order to the new address, you can send the food back to the restaurant. However, since the customer has never received the order, you will not be paid for that order. 

Cross-district (eg. HKCE <> HKMK)

If the new location belongs to a different district than your assigned zone, you do not need to complete the delivery. Simply swipe ‘complete’ on the order, and return the food to the restaurant. You will be paid what was shown on the order acceptance screen.

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