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What is a stacked order?

When two different customers close to each other order from the same or two nearby restaurants or grocery partners, we sometimes offer both orders to one rider. We call this a stacked order.

Stacked orders might be offered to you at or around the same time or, after you've accepted an order, we might offer you a second order while you're travelling or waiting at the restaurant.

Stacked orders mean you can earn more in less time - but it's completely up to you which orders you choose to complete, and you're free to reject or unassign from any order. 

Collecting stacked orders

At the restaurant (or restaurants), you can confirm the order numbers in the rider app and speak with the staff to check whether all the order items are included and packed securely in separate bags.

If you choose to accept any stacked order, it’s important to:

  • Check the order number on each bag 
  • Check each bag is properly sealed  
  • Keep orders separated to avoid any potential cross-contamination
  • Keep hot and cold items from different orders separate
  • If you are using a Deliveroo thermal bag, you can use the included divider to separate orders. 
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