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How do I fill in the SWIFT, Branch Code and Account Number?

Please input your bank details in the Rider App in order to receive your fees on time.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Open the Rider App
  2. Go to "Rider ID"
  3. Got to "Payment Information"
  4. Fill in "Account number", "SWIFT" and "Branch code"

Your bank's branch code can be identified from your bank card. (*Not Credit Card)

Your account number refers to the entire series of numbers on your card, including your branch code.

The following banks do not display the account numbers on the ATM card. Please refer to the account number stated on your bank passbook or monthly statement to fill in the details, also include the relevant bank-issued branch code.

  • Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong)
  • China Construction Bank (Asia)
  • Citibank (Hong Kong)

The account number for some banks is composed of both branch code and account number. You can find your account number and branch code from the bank's ATM card.

Here are some examples of the more commonly used bank ATM cards:

Branch code identifies the bank where you first opened your bank account.

You can click on the banks below to find out your branch code.

Find your branch code here

Alternatively,  please inquire directly to the bank.

Want to learn more? Go to this page for more information.

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