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Do I get covered by the insurance if I test positive to COVID-19?

Our free rider insurance gives you supporting income only in case you suffer from personal injury and can’t work because of an accident that happened when riding.

However, your safety is our priority and we want to make sure that riders who work regularly with Deliveroo and have contracted the virus or been placed in quarantine by a medical authority will be eligible for financial support for a period of up to 14 days.

1. Deliveroo’s Rider Support Fund
This is a one-off fund that will be time-limited and designed to support riders in these unique and difficult circumstances. The policy will remain under review as this unprecedented situation develops.

This fund is designed to support the riders who need it most. However, fraud is a criminal offence. It is important that we state that if the fund is abused we will enforce our rights to the fullest extent, which may include termination of your service agreement together with other legal remedies. We will also notify the police and other relevant enforcement agencies of any suspected abuse.

2. ZA Relief Fund
We’ve partnered with ZA Bank to ensure all Deliveroo riders in Hong Kong can benefit from the ZA Relief Fund. This means that if you did test positive, you’d be able to claim $20,000 as long as you can supply proof of diagnosis from a hospital, the invoice of your medical expenses and your ID.

We’re proud to be the first food delivery platform to offer COVID-19 tests to riders and hope this partnership and new insurance will bring you and your loved ones reassurance during this concerning time.

Please remember, if you begin to experience any symptoms of COVID-19, do not online and take orders, follow all medical advice and let the Rider Support team know immediately.

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