Staying safe on the road

We can all play a part in raising awareness about protecting each other on the road; whether you’re on foot, a bicycle, or scooter. We’ve put together some simple tips to help you think about yourself and others whilst on the road.

Riding every day means you might get a little too relaxed and can forget the important stuff. Here’s what to remember to keep you and others safe

  • Only cross roads when it's safe to do so – follow all traffic signs and crossing signals
  • Dress bright, be seen. Brightly coloured clothing, preferably fluorescent and reflective ensures that you’re most visible, particularly during the winter months. If you need new high-visibility kit you can always order some here.
  • Make yourself visible by making eye contact with drivers and other road users when at a crossing.

Have questions? Read below!

  • What does Deliveroo’s free rider insurance cover?

    Every rider with Deliveroo is protected with personal accident and income protection insurance, completely free. This provides cover for injuries and protects you against the financial costs in the unfortunate event of an accident.

    All riders including cyclists, scooters and walkers are covered when delivering an order.

    You can view more information about this insurance cover, including policy terms and conditions, and excess fee details on our Deliveroo Rider Website.