Road safety

Staying safe on the road

We can all play a part in raising awareness about protecting each other on the road; whether you’re a walker, bicycle or scooter. We’ve put together some simple tips to help you think about yourself and others whilst on the road.

Riding every day means you might get a little too relaxed and can forget the important stuff. Here’s what to remember to keep you and others safe.

1. Getting Started

2. Road Rules

  • Make yourself visible by making eye contact with other drivers when turning at junctions.
  • Avoid blind spots and position yourself to be seen; don't ride close to the kerb, and don't ride too close behind another vehicle.
  • Check over your shoulder before making a manoeuvre.
  • Take extra care in wet weather where road conditions are more dangerous and visibility is reduced. Allow plenty of time to react in damp conditions – remember, braking distances should be doubled in wet weather. Avoid harsh braking (unless it’s an emergency) and brake progressively. When taking a corner, it’s important to avoid braking and accelerate smoothly. Leaves, debris and dirt can build up at the side of the road and around drains, so be sure to watch out for these and choose a dry line where possible.
  • Wear a high-quality helmet that fits correctly. More space means less protection.
  • Keep your scooter in good condition by making sure you maintain it regularly or take it to a professional for regular servicing.
  • Keep off the pavement. Pavements are for pedestrians and riding your scooter on the pavement or through any pedestrianised area is really dangerous, as you could seriously hurt other people. This includes riding through pedestrian-only cut-throughs, even if it’s only for a few seconds. Riding on the pavement is also illegal – you could be subject to a fine.
  • Keep out of cycle lanes. Cycle lanes are carefully designed to protect cyclists from other, faster-moving vehicles – that includes scooters. This is also illegal.
  • Always follow one-way roads. One-way roads are always clearly signposted, and they apply to all vehicles, not just cars – scooters must follow them too.

Do not use electric vehicles to deliver orders

Remember, electric scooters / vehicles cannot be used to deliver orders. Please note that this is illegal. You may be liable for any related legal consequences if you’ve been reported.

Make sure your Emergency Contact is up-to-date



Click you profile from the menu tab


Change emergency contact

Click "Change details or emergency contact info"


Enter/ Edit info

Enter/ Edit your emergency contact by clicking the placeholders, make sure the contact is vaild