Take order and get it delivered at ease

Free Login

Free login enables you to go online and accept orders anytime within our operating hours, without booking sessions in advance. This increases your earnings, flexibility and control over how you work with us, meaning you can ride and earn whenever and wherever you want in Hong Kong. 

Not only does it give you more flexibility, it increases your earning potential at busy times too. 

No need to book time in advance

With free login you are one tap away to go online at any time wherever you want in Hong Kong without booking sessions in the Planner.

Statistics also no longer matter in free login, so if you find yourself unable to work on short notice, this won’t affect your ability to access work in the future. All you need to do is go online anywhere in Hong Kong to start receiving orders.

The statistics page will remain in the app, and you may see your ‘Super peak participation’ statistic change based on when you ride, but they will no longer have any effect on how you work with Deliveroo.

Order demand updated in real time

With 3 new simple levels of demand (busy, moderate, and not busy) that’s updated every 5 minutes, the all new live heatmap will help you decide when and where to go online to maximise your earnings. The busier an area is, the more orders available there are to deliver.

Opportunities to earn more

As always, there will also be incentives and fee boosts available at different times in different zones to help you earn more. You can view fee boosts in the app and go online whenver and wherever you like in one tap away!

Saturdays and Sundays from 6pm to 9pm are still our busiest times of the week, which makes them the best times to ride. In general, earnings are always higher at lunch and dinner times.

How to change online area?


Change area

While you open the app, you'll see your current location and press "change area"


Choose area

You'll see a list of location available with demand level and in-app surge, choose the area that you would like to go online.


Go online

Once you change the area, the map will automatically update. You're ready to go online.

Boost Fee

You can still secure boost fees every week by finishing each Friday with an acceptance rate of 80% or higher. The boost fee mechanism is not impacted by Free Login and you can continue to track the boost fee on the homepage of your app.

How to calculate my total earnings:

How to see your earnings in Rider App?


Order Acceptance

In order acceptance screen, you can see the order fee and the boost fee amount. You can choose to accept the order or not. *Any rejection of orders would affect your acceptance rate.


Home Screen

After order completion, you'll see the total order fees, acceptance rate and total boost fee amount at the bottom of the home screen.


Earnings Page

Boost fee is calculated and reflected in "Earnings" page every Monday.

Check out the latest incentives, fees and payment information

In-app Rider Chat

Our Rider Support team is on hand to help you with any questions you may have, so that you can always get the most out of working with Deliveroo.

With Rider Chat, you can contact the team at any time during opening hours about an order you’re delivering at that moment or an emergency. It’s easy to use and you can be sure to get in touch quickly with a member of the team who will be able to help you.

Be sure to download the latest version of Deliveroo’s rider app.

  • Why I am unable to see my full Rider ID in the app?

    You can alter your font size from your mobile phone setting in order to see the full Rider ID.

  • How do I update my contact details?

    Click your profile in the Rider App menu, there is a "Change contact details" button. Then, double click to the information that you would like to change. You are able to change both the "Account details" and the "Emergency contact details" in-app.

  • How do I update my vehicle type?

    Changing your vehicle type is easy – all you have to do is contact us to let us know what vehicle type you want to change to. Once you’ve sent back the documents we need from you, we’ll update your vehicle type in the system. 

  • How do I update my payment information?

    Click your profile in the Rider App menu, there is a "Payment Information". Then, double click to the information that you would like to change. You are able to change the receiving bank details in-app.

  • Do I need to use the "Planner" page?

    Since we switched to Free Login, you do not need to book any sessions in advance in the "Planner" page to go online.

  • What is "Get paid" feature in the app?

    You can get paid whenever you want, as often as you want with the in-app "Get paid" feature!

    Simply click the “Get paid” button on your Earnings page and get your money in 1 working day. Riders can better manage their finances and have access to money in an emergency or urgency. If you want to have same-day access to your fees, please submit your request before midday at 12pm. Otherwise, you will receive the payment on the following day.

    You can request as many times as you want with no limit to how much you withdraw from your existing fee balance.
    *Please note that each request takes transfer costs HK$5.

  • What statistics will be impacting my earnings?

    Most of the data in the "Statistics" page are no longer in use.

    Yet, there are incentives in the peak hours. The more the "Super-peak participation", the higher chance to get a higher earnings.

  • How can I contact rider support when I am engaged in a live order?

    When you're in a live order, you'll see a "Rider support" button in the app menu. Next, you can type your enquiry in the text box to our CS agent.

  • How can I contact rider support when I am not in an order?

    Most questions are covered on this rider website and different channels, you may refer to

    If an article from the above doesn't answer your question or you need to get in touch, you can go this page and press the "Contact Us" button underneath.

    If you seek any live support, please call us at +852 5808-8726 (hotline available every Monday to Wednesday 3-4pm except for Public Holidays)

  • How can I report a bug?

    You'll see the "App feedback" button in the app menu, you can choose to report a bug or suggest an improvement by clicking the button.