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Can someone else work on my behalf as a substitute?

Working flexibly with Deliveroo means you choose exactly how you work. This means you are free to appoint someone to deliver on behalf of you.

However, when you appoint a substitute it’s your responsibility to make sure that this person meets all of the requirements to work with Deliveroo, as set out in your supplier agreement. This includes checking the following information about your substitute:

  • They are over 18 years of age
  • They have the right to work in Hong Kong
  • They do not have their own Supplier Agreement terminated by Deliveroo previously

After you validated the above and appointed someone, you should give them the access of your account by changing the phone number to theirs within the rider app. They can thereby access to your app after they download the app iOS | Android. More importantly, doing so will also allow them to be able to use the in-app call feature to reach out to customers when they deliver an order, otherwise the call feature could be unfunctional.

Please note that you should not give them your access code to login, and you shouldn't distribute the orders on behalf of the system. For example, giving out delivery or location instructions to your substitutes while still logging in. These scenarios can be identified by the system as a fradulent behavior.

Lastly, it's entirely up to you to agree payment terms and make payment to any substitutes!

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