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Does Deliveroo offer free kit?

We offer kit at a discounted price when you onboard as a new rider, we also offer free kit but only under the following circumstances:

Riders are eligible to redeem 2 free items of their choice for every 4000 orders completed. Orders will be placed within 5 working days. Those eligible for the free replacement will be notified. Others will be required to purchase the item themselves.

  1. Fill in the Typeform, including your delivery address and replacement item at the Equipment Request form.
  2. An “Order Confirmation” email will be sent to your email once the request has been processed (usually between 3-5 business days). If you are not eligible for a free replacement, we will let you know via email.

If you need to purchase any part of the kit, please visit Rider Kit Store.

Want to learn more? Go to this page for more information.

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