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How do I make a claim?

  1. As soon as possible after the accident has happened, please report it to Marsh directly and fill out the claims form https://deliveroo.marsh.com/claims-process#.  
  2. Marsh will contact you directly to get everything they need to investigate and process the claim. They will take care of everything for you when it comes to your claim – including answering your questions.
  3. If your claim is approved, payment to you will be made directly to your bank account, and you will be notified by Marsh to confirm payment and the amount. If a payment is made to a third party, Marsh will do this on your behalf. 
  4. Each claim is different, but Marsh handles all claims as quickly as possible and keeps you informed, every step of the way. Payments are made electronically and are processed immediately once agreement has been reached.

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