Incentives & Surges

Current incentives

How are incentives calculated?

  • Lightning Incentives (⚡️ ) appearing in the app will be calculated per order. These incentives will be included in boost fees calculation at the end of each cycle.
  • For an order to count, it needs to be picked up from a restaurant inside the zone listed, and must be completed.
  • Orders must be accepted within the times listed to be eligible.

Incentive Periods

Lightning incentives (⚡️ ) appears if incentives apply during a session, but sometimes will appear even if only part of the session has an incentive (eg. ⚡️ appears next to a 11:30 - 13:00 session, but incentives only apply to orders completed between 12:00 - 13:00).

If the order is accepted within the (⚡️ ) sessions, but is not during the specified incentive period, you will not receive any incentive fees. Applicable incentives will be included as part of your order fees, appearing on your order acceptance screen.

Always check back on this page for incentive periods and zones.

Have questions? Read below!

  • Are incentives included in the boost calculation?

    If an in-app ‘lightning⚡’ surge such as weekly incentives is available in your area during a specific time, the 1.3x boost will be applied to the overall order fee. Please refer to the table below for reference. 

    Other fees such as tips, and other bonuses will not be factored into your boost fees.