AQUA PRO+TECH 10% off for all sanitizing products

Worry about getting attacked by bacteria and viruses? We’ve got your back!

Deliveroo partners with AQUA PRO+TECH to offer all riders a 10% off discount on sanitizing products. From now until 30 Apr 2023, enter the discount code “APTxRiders” at AQUA PRO+TECH’s online shop before checkout to redeem the offer.

AQUA PRO+TECH Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Series is an indispensable product in purifying your living environment and protecting you and your family from attacks by bacteria and viruses.

3 Tips of using Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Series:


1. Hand and jacket

Riders drive and walk miles a day to deliver orders, viruses might easily stay on hands, jackets or shoe soles. Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Liquid is suitable for use on body and the surface of objects without causing allergy or damage, protecting you from virus infection.


2. Thermal Bag

Apart from killing bacteria and viruses, Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Liquid can also effectively remove odor, keeping the thermal bag clean and odorless.


3. Mosquito OFF

Mosquitoes are one of the biggest challenges while staying outdoors. “Master Repellent” Sanitizing And Mosquito Repellent Spray provides up to 8 hours of protection from mosquitoes and other insects. It can also sanitize the affected area and relieves itchy skin. 

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AQUA PRO+TECH develops and manufactures Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Series in Hong Kong with professional technology. AQUA PRO+TECH Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Liquid is proven to be effective in killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including New Coronavirus, Omicron, BA.4 and BA.5 etc. It is also tested to be non-irritating to skin and eyes, and not harmful for inhalation and oral intake, and hence suitable for babies, pregnant women, pets, and people with sensitive skin (e.g. Eczema).